Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users. The information is sorted, sifted, anonymized, counted, and computed, until, finally, we get the traffic rankings shown in the Alexa service.
Reach measures the number of users.  In the Image below, 5 to 19 million Alexa users accessed our web site.  In turn, total global access of our site would have reached between 25 to 100 million daily users searching or entering data into our database.

Page views measure the number of pages viewed by Alexa Toolbar users. Multiple page views of the same page made by the same user on the same day are counted only once.

WeCareTexas.com was ranked in the Top 100,000 websites.  Rank trend is based off of a 3 month average ranking, since our since was only actively used for 6 weeks, we feel our true rank was actually higher.

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